Easy Setup of Your Wireless Router

1.The first step is too buy your router. Routers come with many WIFI ranges the 802.11g has a good range, but not compatible as 802.11b with some devices such as Google TV Xbox 360 and others. The 802.11n is one of the latest and comes with 3 more radios which would give you more range than the other ranges. Once you have decided what router and what range your ready for the next step.
2. OK ready to setup your router?  Here is a little background information.You should have a cable modem for these instructions to work. You should have a cable modem with a coaxial connection coming from the wall like a  cable tv into the back of the cable modem. Then you should have an Ethernet cable going from cable modem to your pc. Remove the connection out of your pc and connect it to your wireless router in a port called Wan or upload port. Now a connection is going from the cable modem to the wireless router instead of the pc. Then with cable provided with new wireless router connect it to one of the ports on the router and then to your pc.
3. Now that your wireless router is physically hooked up we can proceed to the software setup. First on Windows navigate to your start button and click on it. A prompt will show you programs or all programs in Windows 7. Next look for a box to type in called run or search and once you find it type in the box CMD and hit enter. Then you will be shown a dark window called cmd.exe type in the command “ipconfig /all” without quotes. This command will show you your “default gateway” IE your wireless routers address. Here’s an example “”. Once you have this address you can go to your browser Internet Explorer or Firefox¬† Chrome etc and type in and hit enter.
4. Next you will receive a message to login to your wireless router. The prompt will ask for a username and password. You will have to look at your documentation that came with the wireless router to login in. Sometimes the username and password to login can be admin admin. You also can Google your model type of router and find out the default username and passwords.
5. Once you have logged in successfully then go to administration area and change your password so no one will be able to login but you. Next you want to make sure your SSID “Service Set Identifier” is secure by encrypting it. Therefore no one will be able to connect to your router without you giving them access. Next¬† navigate to wireless setup and change wireless SSID to whatever name you would like and then enable it. Make sure all settings are saved then navigate to wireless security tab and change to wpa personal encryption. Then change the passphrase to a hard password one with 14 characters with a capital letter and one special character like a dollar sign$ for example. Then make sure you write the username, password and passphrase down on a note pad for safe keeping. When you want to use a wireless device like laptop or xbox, ¬†you will have to use that passphrase to connect to your router.
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