Written as a result of me (the author) realizing that it is possible that some of you (my readers) may consider something or everything written here at www.dnetscomputers.com (my blog) offensive. Therefore, I (the author) am required to protect my own assets as it were.

This blog (my blog) that you (the reader) have been nice enough to visit, and all of the information provided here within (my information) pertaining to computer repair is in fact written by me (the author) for you (the reader) and is purely a result of my own (the authors) observations and opinions pertaining to ways (of which there are many. This information comes from my experience as a technician and network administrator for many years

There is a chance that some of the things I (the author) or others that comment or write here at www.dnetscomputers.com (my blog) may be considered ‚Äėobjectionable‚Äô and or ‚Äėoffensive‚Äô by some people (readers) (you).

Therefore, I (the author) assure you (the reader) that it is not intentional, but merely just a result of me (the author) trying to provide you (my readers) with useful, interesting, and informative content.

While every precaution has been taken by me (the author) to provide my readers (you) with accurate, up to date, grammatically correct, politically correct, and above all USEFUL information, I (the author) am in a position to recommend that you (the reader) use your own discretion (yes yours) before making any decisions (your own decisions) based upon the information (my information) provided here by me (the author).

As a final note, I (the author) am obliged to inform you (the reader) that the author of this blog (me) will not compensate the reader (you) in any way should you (the reader) suffer any kind of injury, loss, damage, or inconvenience suffered as a result of you (the reader) reading information (my information) provided by me (the author) at www.dnetscomputers.com blog (my blog).

Thank you (the reader) for reading this disclaimer (my disclaimer).

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